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 Emoluments and services table

(Approved by the Management Council of the University of Minho on 26 July 2013)

                                              Table (extract)

VAT is added to the amounts indicated, at its current rate, except for the values referring to the certification and the simple copies.
Contact: sec@adb.uminho.pt

Information search
Information search costs are due whenever there is a lack of data concerning the identification and / or location of the document, either for information purposes or for reproduction, or for confirmation or information about its contents.

Up to 30 min
For every hour or fraction of extra hour

Cost of reproduction of the document with the information to be sent.

5 €
20 ¤

Document reproduction
(more details below)

Paper (A4)
All funds except civil, parish and notary  (VAT exempt)
Notary (VAT exempt)
Civil and Parish Registries (VAT exempt)

partial (part of an installation unit or composite document)
integral (the entire installation unit or composite document)
Matrix images (see table)

CD or DVD (closed)
Additional CD or DVD (closed)
USB device, eg. "pen drive"

Minimum Rate applies to up to 10 frames
Additional frame
Other conditions and costs: please see table

Rate applicable to reproduction of difficult-to-handle documents
Large format documents, processes, scrolls ... (each document)

0,5 ¤
0,5 ¤
1 ¤

1 ¤
0,5 ¤

5 ¤
3 ¤
10 ¤

20 ¤
0,5 ¤


Certification(VAT exempt)
All funds except civil, parish and notary records (in addition to page 1, plus cost of reproduction)
Civil and parish registries

15 ¤
20 ¤
22 ¤
Documents earler than 1800, per line transcribed
Documents after 1800, by line transcribed

1,2 ¤
0,7 ¤
Consulting and technical support
Senior staff, per hour
Technical assistant, per hour

30 ¤
20 ¤

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